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Observing our students at work and play speaks for itself. We invite you to visit Legacy Montessori by appointment to observe a class in progress. Tours can be scheduled Monday through Friday mornings between 8:30 and 10:30 o'clock in the morning.

Step 1: Observation
An classroom observation is the first step in fully understanding the methodology and culture of a Montessori School. Your observation may be done either before or after submitting an application. We encourage you to call today or come in and allow us to give you a tour of our loving, nurturing learning environments.

Step 2: Application
Complete and return an Application for Admission.

Step 3: Placement
Placement is based on space availability, the child's age and readiness for the program. This will be evaluated by having your child visit one of our classrooms for a few hours. The student is officially enrolled when the Enrollment Agreement is signed and all applicable fees are received.

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Upcoming Events

September 6th
Goodies with Grandparents (9am-10am)
September 19th
Curriculum Night (6pm-7pm)
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